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Transparency, Accountability and Passion     
                                                                      The meaning of Real Love 
What You Need to Know about our Website
The TAP team was birthed out of experiences of Herb and Janice Moore, primarily based on their thirty years of marriage, time invested in pre-marital and marital coaching over the past ten years under the leadership of Pastor Curtis of Christ Church Inc., as well as their time spent presenting at marital events. They have discovered three essential areas in a successful marital relationship, which are Transparency, Accountability and Passion. These three areas increase openness, trust, motivation and desire, while decreasing dishonesty, mistrust, control and unfulfilled desire. This website was designed to help couples or singles to find answer to relationship and life question. It contains testimonies of individuals life changing experiences, and reference material section that encompasses financial, intimacy, religion, communication and emotional damage help guides. Finally we can be contacted for counselling, seminars or assistance in using any of our reference materials. 
Transparency is revealing your true self without using a false identity to cover who you really are. When you don't have transparency in your  relationship, you will use the false identity which can be through lying or deception, as a method of control. Its nothing like being who you really are and with the person that accepts you for who you are.
Accountability is conducting one self to always be beneficial to the person you're with. It's taking ownership of your spouse's need and well being and holding your spouse accountable to yours. If both can agree on equal accountability they can see there lives more free of the selfishness, abuse, fear and control issues that plague marriages today.
Passion is the enthusiasm, drive, motivation, focus and creativity to ensure that your spouse's needs are overwhelming met. If both spouses can agree to be passionate they will ensure a fulfilled life that has no boundaries in intimacy and no limits in your destiny.