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Transparency, Accountability and Passion     
                                                                      The meaning of Real Love 
The TAP team was birthed out of experiences of Herb and Janice Moore, primarily based on their thirty years of marriage, time invested in pre-marital and marital coaching over the past ten years, as well as their time spent presenting at marital events. They have discovered three essential areas in a successful marital relationship, which are Transparency, Accountability and Passion.A passion for marriage was given to Herbert and Janice Moore through years of spontaneous interaction and divinely designed friendships and connections with other married couples and those seeking to be married.

As native Philadelphians, they grew up in a tight knit community in which they found themselves in the same ministry circle as well as neighborhood and friendships. Sharing all of the same principles in the area of family and ministry, they realized that they were destined to be together with the blessings of their families and friends and were we'd on May 4, 1985.

Although God divinely orchestrated the union of this couple, they faced all of the same pressures and challenges of all married couples but another thing they had in common was the desire to live as husband and wife in transparency, accountability and passion.  

Having relocated to Maryland, they served in ministry in various capacities, and during this time they were given the opportunity planned and unplanned to share their experience in the journey of marriage. These opportunities have come in various forms from individuals and couples to marriage forums in which they share the principles that have kept them together.

They are the proud parents of two sons and reside in Maryland.

Giving God Excellent Effort to obtain an Excellent Spirit, then expecting my EXCELLENT BLESSING!